The First Seed

How did you come up the idea of ​​a company focused on solutions and systems integration?

The first contact with systems integration occurred during the undergraduate, in which under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Alfredo Iarozinski Neto, I had the opportunity to study a little about the subject. Within this knowledge, I realized that two topics really caught my attention: Organizational Maturity and Complex Systems.

Realizing that processes and systems are not static led to a model of organizational understanding as a complex system and from this understanding emerged a different way of thinking about solutions.

More about the topic (in portuguese): In this link, has an article from the project advised by Prof. Dr. Alfredo Iarozinski Neto and leaded by Dr. Rafaela Mantovani Fontana in which I had a small collaboration. The title is:“PRONUX: Integrated Free Management System Project for Micro and Small Enterprises”.

Thus, we can say that this was the first seed that after 7 years gave rise to Simplifica.

Good reading!