Simplifica - Soluções


Trabalhamos com os frameworks mais bem consolidados, visando solucionar os desafios de forma ágil e inteligente.

Development Department

Development is the determining step for the proper functioning of a tool. Depending on the integration and communication between the development team, the quality and agility of the product will vary.


We build custom framework databases with MySQL - ensuring complete security for information and complete freedom for the system.


This is where we define the structure, organization and standardization of the application. We use the most up-to-date versions of PHP and CodeIgniter to ensure good maintenance.


We pay special attention to the user experience (UX), whether it's on any device. For this we have prepared responsive (adaptive) pages.


We are always up to date, using what contributes to the maintenance of a complex and customized system. Everything is created using HTML5 and SCSS, along with jQuery.


We develop with the well integrated team, using a mix of agile methods like XP and gestational methods like Kanban.